We want to know What Works 4 U!

  • We want to know what treatments you’ve tried and how helpful you think these treatments are.
  • This will help us put together information on lots of different treatments for lots of different problems.
  • This will give everyone a much better idea of which treatments are helpful, and which treatments are not helpful, for mental health problems.

The Population Mental Health Group researchers at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health are excited about finding out which treatments are helpful for young people who are experiencing mental health problems because not enough research has been done to tell us what works well. We know that what works for adults doesn’t always work for young people. We will then report how helpful the treatments are on our Learn from others page, so everyone can benefit from this information!

What U are asked to do

If you choose to participate, you will be asked to provide some details about yourself (age, gender and country), what mental disorder/s you have been diagnosed with, and what treatments you have tried (such as therapy, medication, exercise etc) and how helpful you think these treatments are for you. Completing these details will only take up to 15 minutes of your time.

Some people might find that thinking about their experiences makes them feel uncomfortable or upset. If this happens to you, please check out our Helpline and Emergency info immediately, where you will find ways of contacting people who can help you.

Want more info first? Contact the Population Mental Health Group at the University of Melbourne (whatworks4u-contact@unimelb.edu.au or call +61 3 9035 6770)


Any data we collect from you will be held under password protection and not divulged to others. We are interested in the overall ratings for each treatment, rather than the ratings of individuals, so your individual responses will never be reported. We will only present the results in statistical summary form. Due to research code requirements, we will be storing the information collected for at least 5 years after the study, but none of your information will be identifiable or be able to be traced back to you.

If you have concerns about the study, please click here


If you have concerns about the scientific aspects of the study, please contact the coordinator of the project,

This project has been approved by the Melbourne Health Human Research Ethics Committee. If you have concerns about the ethics of the study, please contact:

  • Dr Angela Watt

    Manager, Human Research Ethics Committee

    Office for Research

    Royal Melbourne Hospital City Campus

    Grattan Street, Parkville, Victoria, 3050.

    email: research@mh.org.au

    phone: +61-3-9342 8530

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