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We aims to improve treatment for young people with mental health problems by gathering information about what works in the real world.

Most mental health problems start in teenagers and young adults. In fact, as many as one in four people younger than 24 have a mental health problem. The most common ones are depression, anxiety and alcohol misuse.

Mental health conditions in young people

Many youngsters suffer from mental health conditions and find it so hard to battle with themselves. Such people deserve care and support so that they will be able to win the battle they are fighting.


Depression affects both the mind and the body and people who feel depressed cannot snap themselves out of it. They often require external help and treatment.


Being anxious is a common human experience but some experience these emotions in a very unique manner. Anxiety can kill a person, and it can ruin their lives.


People don't deserve to die just because they are battling with themselves. Constant anger, guilt, failure, hopelessness can crush a person and leave them into nothing.

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Life has never been the same for my brother when we found out that he had Schizophrenia. We all thought he is behaving weird and that he would get over how he is feeling in a while. But things only started to worsen. What Works 4 U has been a tremendous support to our family in challenging situations, and their team has helped us handle the entire situation in a better way.


TI have been battling with depression all my life and the moment I wanted to end everything, I found What Works 4 U, and my life has changed entirely.

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Steps Involved In A Drug Rehab Process

There are no second thoughts on the fact that rehab centres are an absolute boon to humans. It is because if it not for these centres, there are good possibilities that we might have lost some considerable number of people. It has helped many people to put their lives back on track. Check this site for rehab services.

We all know that rehab centres are the places which help people to get rid of various kinds of addictions like drugs and alcohol. But most of us do not have any clear idea about the procedures that are carried out in the drug rehab centres. In this article, we will see them in detail.


The first procedure that the person has to go through is the assessment process. In this process, the person has to meet a doctor, a psychologist and a counsellor. This process will be more like an interview where the patient will interact with the doctors. With the conversation that you have the doctors will be able to decide on various things like your mindset, and the intensity of the addiction and a lot of other things.


The detoxification is the process that is commonly referred to as the detox process.  In this procedure, the body of the person will be cleaned to eliminate all the harmful substances that are present in the because of the earlier activities. It is kind of a painful process where as much as substances are removed from the body. It is also mentally challenging as your brain will become so used to the presence of these drugs. Without its presence, the brain will not feel comfortable, and hence the person has to definitely go through some hard mental phase.


This is the hardest and the most important of the entire process. After the harmful substance is removed from the body, the rehab process starts. There are good possibilities that new disorders might occur which will also be treated. Some of the important procedures include group therapy, counselling and cognitive behaviour therapy. Cognitive is the kind of physiological treatment that will help people to get rid of all the wrong thoughts that they have in their minds. By eliminating these wrong thoughts, the patients will build a self-belief which will provide the strength and will power to get rid of all the drug problems.

After Care

Aftercare is one of the procedures that play a key role in the rehab process. This procedure is carried out so that the patients do not go back to the old addictive drug habits. It is also called as the relapse prevention process. It ensures the perfect well being of the patient. In the aftercare process procedures like group meetings, regular checkups and various other activities are done. Before leaving the facility, every person will be provided with proper guidelines that will help to maintain their recovery.

What Are Stem Cells?

A stem cell is a unique cell that has the ability to develop and transform into some specialized cells in the body. Due to the characteristics that they possess, they can be utilized for the replacement of tissues and cells that are damaged because of various reasons.

Functions of stem cells

It is a known fact that the human body is made up of various type of cells that perform different functions. For example, the work of the red blood cells (RBC) that is present in our body is to carry oxygen to various parts of the body. Likewise, the work of the stem cells is to provide fresh cells to the body and replace the damaged cells and tissues.

Properties of stem cells

There are two main properties that every stem cell has which make them the perfect fit for the functions that they are carrying out. They are

  1. Their ability to divide again and again to provide new cells.
  2. After dividing they have the property to transform into other types of cells.

Types of stem cells

There are three different types of stem cells they are embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells.

Embryonic stem cells

The embryonic stem cells are the ones that provide new cells for an embryo which later grows and develops into a baby. These stem cells have the capability to change into any type of cell.

Adult stem cells

The adult stem cells are the stem cells that provide brand new cells to an organism in the growing process. They play a major role in repairing the dead cells and tissues. This adult stems cells are multipotent. It means they can only transform into some particular kinds of cells in the body. For example, the blood stem cells have the ability only to replace the cells that are present in the blood. This is the exact situation when it comes to skin or epithelial stem cells; they only replace the cells that are present in skin and hair.

Induced pluripotent stem cells

Induced pluripotent stem cells or iPS cells are the ones that are made in the labs by the scientists. The word “induced” refers to the production of cells in the laboratories by taking normal adult cells from hair or the skin. These stem cells are artificially programmed to perform different functions. As the name states, they are pluripotent and can transform into any type of cell.

Uses of stem cells

Majority of the population have this perception that stem cells are only used for medical purposes. Even though they play an important role in the medical industry, there are also other areas where stem cells are being used. For example, stem cells serum help in the renewal  of skin cells and thus are extensively used in the fashion industry to provide anti-aging skin.


Stem cells play an important role in to understand the basic biology and working of the living things. It helps us to have a deep and a better understanding of how different cells function.

How to cope up with anxiety?

Worrying about things is quite normal. As humans, we tend to worry about various things in life, and that is just fine. Our lives need to be filled with emotions to make us complete. None of us are going to be happy all the time. We need to be filled with emotions, and that is going to make us feel full. But there are times when we tend to worry about things a little more than we actually need to. When you worry all the time, you tend to get anxious, and you will be having a terrible time.

The following are some of the ways in which you can battle your anxiety:

Take time out:

The more stressed you become, the more anxious you get. Stress is an important factor which can boost your anxiousness. Taking a step back from your daily routine can give you some time to think about your life. Plan for a small vacation where you can go to a different environment and think about your life and see what is bothering you.

Get enough sleep:

Most of us are sleep deprived. If you feel that you do not have enough sleep, you will have to make sure that you get enough sleep. When you do not get enough sleep, you will feel tired all the time. When you are tired, you will not be able to do the things you have planned to do, and this will make you unhappy. Make sure that you get enough sleep to have a happy and energetic life.

Take care of yourself:

Sometimes in our busy schedule, we forget to take good care of ourselves. We eat what we get, and it is usually something unhealthy. If you go one to eat unhealthy food items you are going to harm your body. Try to eat fruits and vegetables. Make time to exercise, and you will be able to see the difference. Eating healthy will keep you energetic and happy.

Learn what triggers your anxiety and work on it:

Try to understand what triggers your anxiety and work on that. If you think that it is your work, see what you can do about your work. If it is your family see where you can fix things. Do not run away from your problems. Try to acknowledge them and see what you can do about it. You can also visit a psychiatrist or psychologist to help you out with your problems. Talk to a friend or a family member about your anxiety and they might be able to help you out.

Limit your alcohol consumption:

Drinking alcohol can aggravate your anxiety and also trigger panic attacks. Try to drink water instead to calm down. Caffeine and other drugs can also trigger your anxiousness so try to stay away from them.

How to Overcome Exam Fear


Sooner or later in our lives, we as a whole have encountered exam fear. On account of components like peer and parental weight, parents’ desires and regularly expanding competition, understudies from around the globe are inclined to exam fear. The fear of exam results in undesirable stress and nervousness! Here are some tips you could keep in mind.

Prepare Yourself Early

It is very important for one to be well prepared before an exam. Make sure you start your preparations as early as possible and do not wait until the last minute to finish what you need to learn. If you keep everything for the last minute what happens is that the syllabus/portion will have piled one upon each other. This makes your exam preparation a very stressful activity which ultimately results in exam fear. To stay away from this disaster, it is hence important to begin preparation from an early stage. Starting early will help you be at ease with your portions.


Prepare A Timetable

As a student you are very much aware of the subjects that you have to work more on. It’s not by the grades but rather by the length of material or profundity of the substance that you have to think about. To get ready for it, you must make your own timetable for all the 7 long stretches of the week. The timetable ought to be sensible that you keep it.

Think Positively, Not Negatively

Practice positive self-talk as you get ready for the test. Make a mantra to enable you to quiet your test tension. Repeat an expression by saying it to yourself, for example, “’ve studied, I’m prepared”. Push back against negative thoughts that get to your head. All through the test, you should in any case be concentrating on the positive aspects, however hard it is. At the point when a negative thought enters your head, stop what you’re doing and consider it. By separating negative thoughts, you can know that the majority of them are unreasonable, and afterward replace them with more positive thoughts.

Get Enough Sleep

It is important that you take enough rest and sleep well during your preparations as well as during your exams. It is said that healthier individuals who are very much rested regularly improve their situation during exams. Keep your mind and body solid by getting enough sleep. Loosen up the night prior to your test. Focus on getting an entire 8 long periods of sleep each night. This will guarantee that your brain has been rightfully refreshed and you can begin studying or thinking with a new mind.


Reward Yourself

Make sure you do reward yourself after the exams are over. Reward yourself after the test is finished. The reward offers you the break you deserve after the majority of your time spent in studying. Treating yourself likewise encourages you quit considering the test and breaking down each and every slip-up you may have made. Commend that you are making progress toward beatng exam fear.

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